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Core technology

Core technology

Core technology


On basis of introducing, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology especially emphasize on the independent innovation level promotion. The company obtained 7 invention patents and over 138 utility model patents, specialities involved in waste incineration power generation, leachate treatment, flue gas treatment, odor processing field, and annually there are over 30 new technological achievements added.


To meet the requirements of MSW disposal on Reduce,Recycle,Reuse China TIANYING Inc. reasearched and developed the new type, high efficiency, intensive grates incinerator apply to  waste characteristic. The equipment products possess advantages of high combustion efficiency, complete waste deposal, advanced process flow etc. Meanwhile equipped with mature & reliable heat boiler, matched with flue gas cleaning system which is on or above the emission standard of EC 2000, base on domestic advanced leachate, odor & ash treatment technology, to optimize all the society effects, environmental benefit and economy profit in the process of waste treatment.

New type, high efficiency, intensive grates incinerator and complete equipments
Three sectional grates structure solves the problems on Chinese solid waste high moisture rate, lower heating value; the stages design driven by Hydraulic unit fully applied to waste characteristic of inhomogeneous solid state; the self-developed ACC system has more combustion efficiency and expansibility, and holds the furnace temperature between 850-950°C; the complete combustion equipment gets the advantage of lower cost and less operation fee.

Advanced flue gas treatment equipments
The complete flue gas treatment system equipped with the most advanced combined process technology of “SNCR + Semi-dry deacidification + Dry + Active carbon spraying + Bag house filter dust precipitator”, solve the problems of the dioxin adsorption incomplete in the traditional solid waste combustion flues gas and the lower efficient of deacidification & desulfidation. The emission level meets the strictest standard of EC2000 and keeps the lowest secondary pollution.

Fly ash stabilization treatment technology
Fly ash comes from flue gas cleaning system, delivered into fly ash store tank though the close collection system, then sent to gauge tank by screw conveyor; Supply chelator and water to refiner device with chelator dilution pump and water supply system, to separate out the heavy metal and hazardous substance efficiently; Fly ash has been chelated & solidified, then transmute to the common waste to meets the environmental requirement of landfill.

Odor treatment technology
The proprietary technology ——chemical deodorization process, it adopts the chemical reaction of the medicament and odor components, inside the deodorization device for absorption and chemical reaction, thus achieve the purpose of deodorization. Acid gases are absorbed by alkali, alkaline gas absorption by acidic substances, organic neutral gas by using strong oxidation agent forced oxidation decomposition to completely remove the odor.


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