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Sludge treatment

Sludge treatment

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Sludge treatment


With the development of the strength of municipal wastewater treatment and the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, urban wastewater disposal rate is increasing, as the important part of the wastewater treatment, the disposal and treatment of sludge is becoming more and more obvious. Sludge is easy to decay, has a stench, and contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, eggs or heavy metals and other harmful substances, if not effectively treated; it is easy to groundwater, soil and other cause two pollution, threatening environmental safety and public health. At present, the sanitary landfill of the sludge needs to take a lot of land and consume considerable, so that the application is restricted; therefore, the sludge disposal strategy is imminent.
China Tianying reduced the sludge MC rate to approximated 40%, through integrated superposition advantages, thus sludge fed into waste incineration plant for incineration, forming a complete industrial chain, realize the true meaning of the solid waste flat integration.

Process in detailed:
1.The dosing process Before dewatering sludge from wastewater treatment plant, the modifiers should be added as the certain preprocessing to improve the dewatering performance. 2. Sludge continuous deep dewatering
Step 1: a dehydrated sludge and sludge modifier in sludge modification mixer quickly and evenly mixed.
Step 2: sludge modification to the depth of the continuous sludge dewatering press, realize sludge dewatering under high pressure, dense forces.
Step 3: after dewatering, sludge continuous curing reaction and heat up, further reduce the sludge moisture content.
Sludge continuous deep dewatering has the following salient features:
(1) the sludge dehydration effect stability, sludge reduction rate can reach more than 60%.
(2) at the same time, it has the reduced, the sterilization, deodorization and curing effect.
(3) the sludge without dilution.
(4) it can be installed in the ground, low demands on site.
(5) it can continuous operation, high automation, simple operation.
(6) it has low energy consumption, the running power consumption is only 6-10 kw/ton (dewatered sludge) at a time. 
3.The deep dewatering sludge (moisture content 55%) was directly transported by belt conveyor to the sludge crusher for crushing processing.
4.Dry technology
(1)After crushing, the sludge was conveyed to the low temperature jet-flow drying room. Into the drying chamber, the technology of low temperature jet-flow drying is used to dry sludge, makes the sludge moisture content down to around 30%. After drying, the sludge was fed into furnace by the sludge feeding device.
(2)If there is plenty of space, it can be directly used to transport the water content of 55% sludge into the solar drying site, the dry room area domestic demand is set into a closed, micro negative pressure, transparent space, the air can be introduced into waste bunker or furnace. After drying, the sludge was fed into furnace by the sludge feeding device.


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