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Food Waste Recycling System

Food Waste Recycling System

Food Waste Recycling System


With the general development of the economic and social and the improvement of living conditions, the retail sales of catering industry increased 21% annually, the amount of kitchen waste also increased rapidly. On the basis of the existing waste incineration power generation technology, China Tianying developed the treatment process suitable for kitchen waste characteristic, and comprehensive utilization of kitchen waste has become one of the main directions of China Tianying development.

Process design

According to the different scale of kitchen waste treatment, divided into two kinds of processing technology: handling capacity of less than 50 tons /day, the sorting and solid-liquid separation + oil-water separation and burning in the process handling capacity is greater than 50 tons / day, the use of "pretreatment + single phase wet mesophilic anaerobic digestion and biogas energy use. Two processes can be combined with the local waste oil treatment.


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