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Waste Classified Collection

Waste Classified Collection

Waste Classified Collection

According to the present situation of waste classification, China Tianying Inc set the three stages, preliminary manual operation stage, intermediate semi-automatic stage, post automatic stage. The three stages give the ideological guidance of waste classification to the residents, the behavior guidance and R & D of intelligent dustbin, as well as construction of intelligent waste collection and transportation, change garbage classification status, make the environment more beautiful, the society will become more harmonious.

Intelligent dustbin
Intelligent bin can achieve record residents information, waste information, and through the IOT (The Internet of things) and Internet technology, send to China Tianying Inc intelligent management platform, simultaneously the platform can also monitor the state of dustbin, garbage and other information.

Intelligent management system of waste collection and transportation
Using IOT and mobile Internet technology in the process of collection to manage all the people, vehicles, things and matters involved in real time, reasonably design and plan collection and transportation management mode, improve collection quality, reasonably design and plan and sanitation management mode.  
The main function is:
(1) Monitor the dustbins of the pilot area, and statistics the bins number;
(2) Monitor the collector vehicle in real-time, and arrange for dispatch;
(3) Monitor the collection personnel in real-time, and inspect work quality.


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