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Biogas power generation

Biogas power generation

Biogas power generation

It will produce a lot of biogas containing methane from anaerobic fermentation after municipal waste landfill, collection and comprehensive utilization of biogas will not only effectively treat odor pollution, but also bring economic benefits, realize the extension of China Tianying environmental protection industry chain. 

The biogas collection system consists of five parts, which are the collection system, the gas pumping and monitoring system, the gas pretreatment system, the biogas power generation system and the power grid connection system. Also there is an auxiliary torch combustion system, it will be used before the generator unit commercial operation, or used to burn the biogas collected during the failure maintenance.

(1)The gas collection system is consist of pumping wells, gas pipe, gas transmission duct of gas collection station, gas tank; In the closed system, biogas was extracted from pumping wells, collected through gas pipes to gas collection station, transmitted to the gas tank of biogas power station through transmission ducts. 

 (2)The gas pumping and monitoring system is in gas collection station, monitoring port and automatic recording detector are installed in condensate pipes and other locations, to record and control operation status and efficiency of the whole collection system, in order to detect vulnerabilities and risks. Methane from the landfill, due to its relative humidity of 90%, and also contains a number of impurities, so before entering the generating unit, the gas will need be treated by a gas pretreatment device to remove other impurities exept methane gas. 

(3)Gas pretreatment system mainly consists of the desulfurization tower, cooling air fan and other equipment, first biogas enters into the desulfurization tower to take desulfurization treatment for the removal of sulfur impurities such as H2S and other acidic substances, to prevent the corrosion of various devices; after cooled by cooling air fan, discharge the condense water and free water, and then through the filter, filtrate all kinds of impurities, to ensure access to gas generator, improve gas purity, improve the conversion rate of generator. 

 (4)Biogas power generation unit mainly consists of several sets of internal combustion gas turbine, burn the purified biogas, recovery the heat and transfer into the electricity output. Power grid connection system is a step-down substation with transmission network, will send the power to national grid, into millions of households. 

 (5)Torch system can burn the surplus biogas during as the biogas poor quality, recycling utilization device shutdown or biogas excess supply; it’s the method of harmful substance burned or harmless treatment. There are 2 types of torch burners, they are open and close. Open type burner is widely used because of its high flow rate (200~2000Nm3/h), high combustion temperature (850℃) and low pollutant emissions. In this system, the open type burner is used in the combustion chamber, which can be used to control the ignition process and the combustion condition.



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